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How to ENGAGE Your Audience When People are NOT Face-to-face

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The toughest audience in the world to engage is a VIRTUAL  audience.  Do you have the skills you need to keep remote viewers actively engaged in your webinar, virtual training, or PowerPoint video?  Webinar guru and best-selling business author Dr. Jaclyn Kostner, has specialized in how to get the human element right the people you are presenting to are not face-to-face. The “go to” expert for most of the Fortune 100 companies, she’s cracked the code for how to create and deliver virtual presentations and  training in ways that keep your remote audience actively engaged.

When your audience is actively engaged, your success skyrockets!  Great ePresentations earn more referrals, more business, and more success.

About Us

Engaging webinar presentations

Do you use webinars for marketing, sales, motivation, or large-group training?  The quality of your presentation either makes or breaks the opportunity.  We train and coach you what to do differently to deliver an engaging, successful webinar.

Engaging virtual training webinars

Have your training webinars become boring lectures?  For success, VIRTUAL training must be even MORE tangibly interactive than face-to-face. Do you know how to build 30-45 interactions per hour that are engaging, interactive, and fun?

Engaging PowerPoint slide graphics

PowerPoint slides are the language of business. Endless  bullet points and boring look-alike templates make you and your presentation boring.  We train and coach you how to add Brain Appeal and other new rules for successful slide design.

Engaging PowerPoint videos

Are you converting your training into revenue-building online courseware that runs 24/7?  Don’t make the mistake to record a webinar and then sell the replay. Instead, learn how to create an amazing video course that earns top ratings.

Our  Founder

Photo of Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D.

Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D.

Webinar Guru, PowerPoint Magician, and eLearning Engagement Expert, and Entrepreneur!

Image of Jaclyn Kostner Books

Best-selling Author

Kostner's books include two best-sellers that have been translated and sold throughout the world

jaclyn kostner media list v3_opt

Expert in Major Media

Dr. Kostner has been a featured "virtual collaboration" expert in major business media worldwide

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Speaker, Trainer, Guru

Jaclyn Kostner has been the "go to" webinar engagement expert for over half of the Fortune 500 corporations.

Our  Services

Live online training webinars

...including our award-winning TOUCHnology for Online Course Designers, TOUCHnology for Online Trainers, and TOUCHnology coaching and certification.

Engaging on-demand courseware

...including How to Make your PowerPoint Content Look Amazing, How to Tell Engaging Stories (for presentations and training), and more.

Live online coaching

...including 1:1 or group coaching to be a more effective face-to-face or virtual presenter or trainer, how to market your training to the Fortune 500s, and more.

Live face-to-face presentations

...including Vital Best Practices of Successful Virtual Teams, How to Become a Well-paid Professional Speaker, How to Grow Your Small Business into a Successful Global Business


Five stars!

I have struggled with creating interesting compelling slides throughout my business career. I can’t tell you what a leap I have taken with this graphics course. This is truly a five-star system.”

Alan Steelman
Author, YOGA on the Yellow Brick Road
Judith Briles
Snap, crackle, and pop!"

Finally … there’s a strategy and guide to create PowerPoint slides that snap, crackle and pop off the screen. As someone who’s been using slides for over two decades, the how-to methods that Jaclyn Kostner reveals in her course are simple, yet powerful. And the results: stunning.

Judith Briles, Ph.D.
Author and Book Publishing Expert
Angela Chapman
Excellent course!

Excellent course, fast paced and engaging. This course is not like any I've ever taken before. You can use everything you learn in this course. My sides are more interesting; no more traditional bullet points! I felt the way I want my audience to feel during my presentations.

Angela Chapman
Alzheimer's Prevention / Reversal Expert

The Skills

Greatest webinar challenge: Engaging remotely
People prefer 30-45-minute webinars
People that multitask in ineffetive webinars
Post-training confidence to create success

Our Portfolio

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Image of a team with a RIP stone

Teamwork - All the Rage in 1990

Face-to-face teamwork is amazing. But it takes too much time and too many resources to get everyone in one location. Businesses wanted a new and better way. We had the answer.

Virtual teamwork - global exciting dynamic

VIRTUAL Teamwork

By 1995, VIRTUAL teamwork becomes the rage. Armed with technology and a business need, people no longer had to travel to work together and produce stellar results. But they needed one more ingredient for success....

Picture of people around d the planet

Get the Human Factor Right

No matter what technologies surround them, successful virtual teams pay very special attention to build and nurture he human bonds they need to produce at superior levels.


Kostner: Visionary and Guru

Inspired about her own experience on three highly energized virtual teams, Jaclyn Kostner completed her Ph.D. research on Virtual Teams, wrote a Best-selling book on Virtual Leadership, and founded Bridge the Distance training.

Trusted resource of the Fortune 500

Trusted Resource to Fortune 500

Bridge the Distance has provided face-to-face and virtual presentations and training to 100 of the Fortune 500 corporations. In some, over 50% of the people work virtually 100% of the time. Virtual teas have become the norm.

Virtual meetings that are BETTER than face-to-face

Virtual Meetings - BETTER than face-to-face

Our training helps people learn how to make virtual meetings BETTER than face-to-face--higher collaboration, higher participation, faster decision-making, and higher results.

Virtual Training - BETTER tan face-to-face

Virtual Training - BETTER than face-to-face

We help online trainers and online course designers transform their face-to-face courseware into an amazing webinar that is engaging, interacive. and fun.

Engaging interactive webinars

Engaging Successful Webinars

Webinars are everywhere today, and 90% of them are boring and unsuccessful. Our training and consulting helps you every step of the way to make yours successful.

Image of a person with a globe and distant buidings


Check out Engagement-U.com. Are your PowerPoint slides boring? Try our new on-demand course titled Graphics Secrets of Eye-Popping PowerPoint Slides. More coming soon....


Professional Speaker

Dr. Jaclyn Kostner has delivered engaging presentations to audiences around the world, both face-to-face and virtually. Topics inspire how to communicate, collaborate, and connect in a virtual setting. The emphasis is "virtual."

Image of hand holding up a trophy

Award-winning recognition

As the "webinar" contractor for a major eLearning initiative at Microsoft, we were on the GP Strategies team that won the Gold Award for Best Learning Team.

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Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to our new blog!

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How much do you multi-task in other people’s webinars?  In a webinar, you can’t see your audience.  


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